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I mainly supervise masters theses for the Theory and History of Psychology master track of the Heymans Institute for Psychology Research at the University of Groningen. However, I do also oversee the occasional PhD project. And because I have adjunct status in the graduate programme at York University, in Canada, I have some minimal involvement there too.

Internal PhDs

Rinske Vermeij (current) was recently recruited, with a full scholarship, for a project examining the history and theory of intelligence. Annette Mülberger serves as promotor.

External PhDs

Welmoed Ekster (current) is working on a dissertation explaining Culture as Cognition Theory, which has ties to Piaget. Barend van Heusden serves as promotor.

Katherine Johnson, PhD (finished) is a former student from York University who completed her academic breadth comprehensive project under my supervision.

Ariane Noël, PhD (finished) defended her dissertation about the media’s portrayals of Piaget at the University of Geneva. I was her external examiner. She graduated cum laude. Marc Ratcliff served as primary supervisor.


Catharina Gerigk (current) is using digital methods to explore the state of death studies in psychology.

Lara Sabatier (current) is interested in considering Piaget and Kuhn as neo-Kantians with movable categories.

Xander Waalewijn (current) is interested in dynamic nominalism.

* * *

Vassiliki Giakoumatou (finished) used digital resources to inform a new history of psychology in Greece. She graduated cum laude.

Alfid Hadiat (finished) examined some of the history of how Piaget might be considered a systems theorist.

Rinske Vermeij (finished) examined the history of why qualitative methods were kept out of the mainstream in psychology for nearly a century. She graduated cum laude. Her thesis also won the national Jan Brouwer Scriptieprijs in the Behavioural Science category. (See the jury report here.)

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