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Welcome to my website

I have created this site as a way to collect my work, keep everything organised, and share. The menu at the top-left will take you to various standard pages that academics always provide: bio, teaching, research, and CV (as well as some other goodies). And the main page is effectively a blog, where I aim to share things in a more timely fashion. Click on the titles for more.

On writing

Every once in a while, someone asks me a bunch of really good questions and I am inspired to write a long email in reply. Although I try to limit this to an hour, sometimes I write quite a lot very quickly. Sometimes some of it is even half-clever.

Translating Callon (1984)

This short text was written as part of the follow-up to a discussion from my master course, “Boundaries of Psychology,” which includes classic and interdisciplinary readings related to boundaries, boundary-work, boundary objects, incommensurability, and other similar concepts. The text is a lightly edited excerpt from an email to my students […]

Mentioned: “Digital humanism”

In his comment included in the special issue of History of Psychology that I edited with Ivan Flis and Nadine Weidman, Ted Porter (UCLA History) said this of our efforts: It rarely suffices merely to count things, for they may also require to be classified…. The problem can be especially thorny for the “psy” disciplines, where it applies […]