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Welcome to my website

I have created this site as a way to collect my work, keep everything organised, and share. The menu at the top-left will take you to various standard pages that academics always provide: bio, teaching, research, and CV (as well as some other goodies). And the main page is effectively a blog, where I aim to share things in a more timely fashion. Click on the titles for more.

Mentioned: “Digital humanism”

In his comment included in the special issue of History of Psychology that I edited with Ivan Flis and Nadine Weidman, Ted Porter (UCLA History) said this of our efforts: It rarely suffices merely to count things, for they may also require to be classified…. The problem can be especially thorny for the “psy” disciplines, where it applies […]

Mentioned: “Reading for emotion”

I was surprised and delighted to hear that Frank Costigliola (UConn History) had mentioned me in the final chapter (“Reading for emotion”) of the third edition of his textbook surveying the history of American Foreign Relations. I wouldn’t have thought I’d have anything useful to say to his audience. In […]