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Jean Piaget’s unmarked grave

When I first visited the University of Geneva in 2012, to speak at the centennial celebrations for the Rousseau Institute, I came early for some research and—when the archives were closed—decided to go find Piaget’s grave. That turned out to be a challenge, however, because it is unmarked except for a number. (I confirmed its identity by examining a numbered list that was kept, in a plastic folder, in the office.)

My photo of Piaget’s grave in Geneva, published in History of Psychology in 2013.

For those who wish to visit, the tree and stones are located in grid-square I3 in this map. The Cimetière des Rois itself is in central Geneva, immediately south of the heroin district. (Go during the day; navigate via Google Maps.)

A high resolution version of my photo is available from American Psychological Association—in the open—as online supplemental material. This, however, is a JPG. Contact me if you need a TIF for publication. (And please remind me that I kept a copy of it, with and without the inset, in my archived folder from the report of my visit.)

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